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1st Round: Miami Heat 87 – New York Knicks 70 (Heat 3-0)

Miami Heat Confidence Meter:  9.8 (Bring on the Brooms) •  Madison Square Garden.  The Mecca.  Also the place where LeBron James and Dwyane Wade rank 3rd and 4th all-time in scoring for opposing players.  A hostile environment is only hostile when your team is good.  The New York Knicks are not good.  At least notContinue Reading

Miami Heat 106 – Dallas Mavericks 85

Miami Heat Confidence Meter:  9.4 (OH, that’s nice) •  Early on in the game, the Dallas Mavericks seemed determined to run high pick and roll, and run secondary offense to seek three point shots.  It seemed to work, if not for the fact that it was obviously not a strategy, rather something the Miami HeatContinue Reading

2011-2012 NBA Season Preview

As we embark on the 2011-2012 NBA season, we find that the contenders for the title, for the most part (with the exception of Chicago), find themselves weakened, while the defending Eastern Conference Champions are pretty much the same.  We have slight improvements to the New York Knicks and a vast improvement to the IndianaContinue Reading