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EC Finals, GAME 6: Miami Heat 98 – Boston Celtics 79 (Series 3-3)

Miami Heat Confidence Meter:  9.7 (OH. MY. GOD.) •  I will only devote one bullet point to the game.  Many were wringing hands and playing junior coach trying to explain to Coach Erik Spoelstra what starting lineup he should play, as well as what his rotation should be.  To the Junior coaches out there, shutContinue Reading

My Lockout Hallucination

The Big Three Basketball Classic.  (Three on Three Tournament) Thomas and Mack Center/ MGM Grand Arena (Finals), Las Vegas, Nevada. Time:  Tipoff Friday Night (Play in Game) 9:00pm Eastern, October 14th through 17th, Call your local PPV provider, $54.95 for all three nights of coverage. Rules •Games will be to 21 and half court, withContinue Reading

EC Finals, Game 2: Heat 85 – Bulls 75 (1-1)

•  This game was decided by Erik Spoelstra as he displayed a commitment to his gameplan, to use a speed/small lineup versus the Bulls.  This was something that was seen and mocked up earlier this year as the Bulls lost to the Sixers late in the season (the key game of this season, for thisContinue Reading