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Los Angeles Lakers 93 – Miami Heat 83

Miami Heat Confidence Meter:  9.2 (indifferent) •  Chris Bosh missed his third consecutive game (death in the family), and nowhere was his loss felt more.  The Laker size was an issue from the opening tip, and made the eventual result elementary.  I for one make it a point to not second guess Erik Spoelstra, butContinue Reading

NBA Week in Review, January 7, 2012

• The Heat finish the week up strong with a thrilling triple overtime victory in Atlanta behind great games by Chris Bosh and Mario Chalmers.  A game like that would not have been won last season.  This Heat team is as deep as I can ever remember a Heat team being.  A good rookie point guardContinue Reading

My Lockout Hallucination

The Big Three Basketball Classic.  (Three on Three Tournament) Thomas and Mack Center/ MGM Grand Arena (Finals), Las Vegas, Nevada. Time:  Tipoff Friday Night (Play in Game) 9:00pm Eastern, October 14th through 17th, Call your local PPV provider, $54.95 for all three nights of coverage. Rules •Games will be to 21 and half court, withContinue Reading