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Miami Heat 105 Indiana Pacers 91

•  From the start, you could tell that the emphasis for Miami was going to be on the ball defense, for whoever initiates the offense for Indiana.  In this case, early on, it is George Hill, and Mario Chalmers was as aggressive as he has been all year.  The Miami Heat was also in tuneContinue Reading

NBA Finals, GAME 4: Miami Heat 104 – OKC Thunder 98 (Heat 3-1)

Miami Heat Confidence Meter:  9.8 (ONE MORE!) •  One Win away.  That’s it.  The Miami Heat on this night had the right focus defensively, but played at a different speed than the Oklahoma City Thunder did.  The reason they fell down by 17 early is that the Miami Heat did not contest a lot ofContinue Reading

NBA Finals, GAME 2: Miami Heat 100 – OKC Thunder 96 (Series 1-1)

Miami Heat Confidence Meter:  9.6 (Who’s your Daddy?) • Now this is an interesting story.  This recap is late because I had a watch party set to go at my home, when a severe Thunder Storm knocked out my cable, and thus my internet.  So I had to pick up my watch party and moveContinue Reading