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1st Round: Miami Heat 100 – New York Knicks 67 (Heat 1-0)

Miami Heat Confidence Meter:  9.7 (You are gonna pay what you owe.) •  So the New York Knicks idea of “physical” playoff play was to foul incessantly and be out of position throughout and clutch and grab at every opportunity.  To be fair, the Miami Heat did got away with a lot when guarding CarmeloContinue Reading

Miami Heat 84 – Philadelphia 76ers 78

Miami Heat Confidence Meter:  8.9 (They got somewhere else to be?) •  That first half was a thing of beauty.  Aggressive.  Fast.  Sharp.  Solid Screens.  Sprinkle in some true shooting, and the Heat looked better than they had all year.  This was a Friday night game on the road in the NBA.  The infamous “dateContinue Reading

Round 1, Game 4: 76ers 86 – Heat 82 (Heat 3-1)

•  Another slow start, this time the Sixers managed to use it to make the difference on the scoreboard.  The Heat erased a 15-point deficit in the matter of 5 minutes, what did it was pretty clear.  Simple defensive intensity, crispness and execution in the offense vaulted Miami into the lead.  They just played toContinue Reading