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NBA Finals, GAME 5: Miami Heat 121 – OKC Thunder 106 (Heat WIN 4-1)

Miami Heat Confidence Meter:  10.0 (CHAMPIONS!) •  No sense in breaking down the game.  Lets’ break down this team instead.  They are after all, CHAMPIONS. •  Some doubted the health of a Mike Miller, and sure enough, he found it within himself to be healthy enough to have the performance he had (7-of-8 from three)Continue Reading

EC Finals, GAME 5: Boston Celtics 94-Miami Heat 90 (Boston 3-2)

Miami Heat Confidence Meter:  4.5 (All the Faults showed up) •  The drive and kick game was wide open.  They could not hit open three point shots.  Chris Bosh made his return, and had a positive impact on the game, yet his coach failed the team in what could have been a series saving win. Continue Reading

EC Finals, GAME 3: Boston Celtics 101-Miami Heat 91 (Heat 2-1)

Miami Heat Confidence Meter:  9.6 (Rigged games are hard to win) •  The Miami Heat was instructed to expect “adverse officiating” on this night.  The coaches prepared the team to expect a suspicious whistle, and the Refs did not disappoint.  So we start with a rigged officiating crew, but no matter.  The Heat got offContinue Reading