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2010/2011 Miami Heat Season Recap

•  What a season.  As for the deciding game, it was called correctly, and the Heat could not take advantage of it.  Poor rotation defense, and namely poor free throw shooting did Miami in.  Dirk Nowitski is a worthy champion no matter how it was gained or how poorly he played in the deciding game. Continue Reading

NBA Finals, Game 4: Mavericks 86 – Heat 83 (2-2)

•  All the fuel the LeBron James haters needed/wanted, they got.  James played his worst game in his short Heat career in Game 4 of the NBA Finals.  It was almost intentional.  James got himself into a rhythm of creating and deferred his entire offensive game.  Dallas made it a point to keep him out ofContinue Reading

NBA Finals, Game 2: Mavericks 95 Heat 93 (1-1)

•  Dwyane Wade was spectacular on this night, but it was the hero ball and the flat out stagnation of the Heat offense that blew this game.  You expected the Heat to use Wade handling the ball down the stretch in this one the way the game was going, but the Heat insisted on runningContinue Reading