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Miami Heat 91 – Orlando Magic 81

Miami Heat Confidence Meter:  9.1 (Opt in this!) •  What a difference a little attention to detail can make.  The Heat made a concerted effort to keep “in touch” with Dwight Howard from the opening tip, and had an effect on the flow of the game, as the Orlando Magic could not enjoy an advantageContinue Reading

NBA Week in Review, January 7, 2012

• The Heat finish the week up strong with a thrilling triple overtime victory in Atlanta behind great games by Chris Bosh and Mario Chalmers.  A game like that would not have been won last season.  This Heat team is as deep as I can ever remember a Heat team being.  A good rookie point guardContinue Reading

EC Finals, Game 2: Heat 85 – Bulls 75 (1-1)

•  This game was decided by Erik Spoelstra as he displayed a commitment to his gameplan, to use a speed/small lineup versus the Bulls.  This was something that was seen and mocked up earlier this year as the Bulls lost to the Sixers late in the season (the key game of this season, for thisContinue Reading