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Miami Heat 105 Indiana Pacers 91

•  From the start, you could tell that the emphasis for Miami was going to be on the ball defense, for whoever initiates the offense for Indiana.  In this case, early on, it is George Hill, and Mario Chalmers was as aggressive as he has been all year.  The Miami Heat was also in tuneContinue Reading

2012 NBA Finals Preview (Keys to the Series)

Miami Heat vs. Oklahoma City Thunder Offensive Keys (Thunder): IF the Heat trap the High Pick and Roll on Russell Westbrook (which is likely), his decision making will need to be solid.  Westbrook will need to find his spot up shooters and limit his turnovers.  The Heat will most likely try to gear their defense toContinue Reading

EC Semi-Final, GAME 6: Miami Heat 105 – Indiana Pacers 93 (Heat WIN Series 4-2)

Miami Heat Confidence Meter:  9.6 (Wade is pretty good.)  •  After much success using Shane Battier on David West, denying the post and pestering his every move, the Pacers made a slight adjustment and West punished Battier in the post.  His offensive minded game however hurt his rebounding as he was always trying to finishContinue Reading