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Miami Heat 84 – Philadelphia 76ers 78

Miami Heat Confidence Meter:  8.9 (They got somewhere else to be?) •  That first half was a thing of beauty.  Aggressive.  Fast.  Sharp.  Solid Screens.  Sprinkle in some true shooting, and the Heat looked better than they had all year.  This was a Friday night game on the road in the NBA.  The infamous “dateContinue Reading

NBA Week in Review, January 7, 2012

• The Heat finish the week up strong with a thrilling triple overtime victory in Atlanta behind great games by Chris Bosh and Mario Chalmers.  A game like that would not have been won last season.  This Heat team is as deep as I can ever remember a Heat team being.  A good rookie point guardContinue Reading

2010/2011 Miami Heat Season Recap

•  What a season.  As for the deciding game, it was called correctly, and the Heat could not take advantage of it.  Poor rotation defense, and namely poor free throw shooting did Miami in.  Dirk Nowitski is a worthy champion no matter how it was gained or how poorly he played in the deciding game. Continue Reading