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EC Finals, GAME 6: Miami Heat 98 – Boston Celtics 79 (Series 3-3)

Miami Heat Confidence Meter:  9.7 (OH. MY. GOD.) •  I will only devote one bullet point to the game.  Many were wringing hands and playing junior coach trying to explain to Coach Erik Spoelstra what starting lineup he should play, as well as what his rotation should be.  To the Junior coaches out there, shutContinue Reading

EC Finals, GAME 5: Boston Celtics 94-Miami Heat 90 (Boston 3-2)

Miami Heat Confidence Meter:  4.5 (All the Faults showed up) •  The drive and kick game was wide open.  They could not hit open three point shots.  Chris Bosh made his return, and had a positive impact on the game, yet his coach failed the team in what could have been a series saving win. Continue Reading

EC Finals, GAME 3: Boston Celtics 101-Miami Heat 91 (Heat 2-1)

Miami Heat Confidence Meter:  9.6 (Rigged games are hard to win) •  The Miami Heat was instructed to expect “adverse officiating” on this night.  The coaches prepared the team to expect a suspicious whistle, and the Refs did not disappoint.  So we start with a rigged officiating crew, but no matter.  The Heat got offContinue Reading