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Miami Heat 141 Sacramento Kings 129 *2OT

•  After another auspicious start, the Heat quickly righted the ship and ended the 1st quarter with a 27-22 lead.  Most of the issues were the same as in the Cavs game.  Sloppy screens, poor effort on defense, and frenetic offense with no sense of timing.  That a simple timeout can fix all of theseContinue Reading

Miami Heat 109 Cleveland Cavaliers 105

•  First, let me apologize for not having a recap up of the Heat’s dismantlement of the Sixers on Saturday night, first of all, I was dismantling myself while watching the game and having a little fun.  Then Xfinity being the wonderful company that it is, managed to have internet, cable, and phone out forContinue Reading

Miami Heat 114 Philadelphia 76ers 90

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