EC Finals, Game 5: Heat 83 – Bulls 80 (HEAT WIN 4-1)

•  I will only devote one bullet point to this particular game.   What a game it was.  The Chicago Bulls were 53-0 this season when holding a double-digit lead in the 4th quarter.  Well, I guess they finished 53-1.  The Bulls fans sure talked a lot of smack based on a bunch of phony awards given to them, some with merit and others with none.  Not to be judgmental, but I believe that Derrick Rose deserved his MVP trophy based on his regular season, carrying his team to the best record in the NBA.  On the other hand, Gar Forman flat out stole an award he had zero business winning and Tom Thibodeau could not be a bigger fraud.  Get to that later.  Back to the game.  The Heat was out-rebounded badly early on, and the offensive execution was terrible.  Dwyane Wade was a walking disaster and finished with a wacky 9 turnovers.  The Miami Heat was dead in the water.  Then something special transpired.

•  During most of the game, some in my watch party — including me — kept repeating a mantra as if it was gospel.  ”Get it close …LATE.  Watch them fold.”  It happened again.  Too young.  Not good enough.  Simple as that.  Down 12 points with 3:12 left, the Heat come back to win.  Miraculous to say the least.  Welcome back Dwyane Wade.  Running layup.  A finish at the rim.  A 3-point shot and one FT conversion and voila…we have ourselves a hero.  LeBron James put on his cape as well.  His three-point shot to draw the game into a 79-79 deadlock might as well been a declaration of victory for the Heat.  What a collapse by the Bulls.  Terrible leadership on the court and on the sidelines by coach “Thibs” contributed.

•  Derrick Rose was terrible yet again.  The fawning media, and especially some of the blind ESPN corespondents such as Ric Bucher,were made fools of yet again.  If Rose did not choke, then what do you call this performance of his?  It was embarrassing and unworthy of a “MVP”, and I actually felt stupid for agreeing to him being a worthy MVP this season.  The truth is that “technically” he deserved it, but as a player, he is nowhere near an elite player in this league.  A hollow and weak MVP was crowned this year.  Rose was a detriment for the most part if you break down his series in total.  His decision making is ridiculous and his basketball IQ leaves alot to be desired.  Derrick Rose is just a dumb basketball player.  Presented with a set of situations, he reverts to playground basketball. And he is overmatched in that as well (in this series).  This year’s award season, was the biggest fraud in years. And the one award I agreed with might have been a total farce as well.  I would not have batted an eye if Derrick Rose had walked to center court after this game and handed his MVP trophy to James and then proceeded to plant a big ole’ smooch on LBJ’s buttocks.

•  Tom Thibodeau, being the fraud that he is, also endeared himself to sportsmen on every level with his lack of graciousness after this humbling defeat.  He proceeded to assign blame to officiating for the third consecutive loss (four in a row overall) although he was bested four games in a row (closed out in 5). And most of it was due to his very poor understanding of adjustments.  He was undressed, made to look amateurish for the most part by a much superior coach and staff for the Miami Heat.  The punditry sure looked pretty stupid with their proclamations all year. And they just learned the value of a win in February over the Wizards to what true preparation and coaching produces in the NBA playoffs.  Erik Spoelstra is a better coach, and the Miami Heat is a vastly superior organization to the Chicago Bulls.  The awards the Bulls gained for the most part were reactions by the jealous and dishonest media to what the Miami Heat have put together in this year.  Phony as all hell.  Save for that hollow MVP trophy of course.  In my opinion.

•  If you can sense an edge in this recap, well it is intentional.  Watching that broadcast on TNT was embarrassing.  They told no stories of what this Heat team endured, overcame and built from Day 1 this year.  They decided they would devote airtime to trying to “figure out” what happened to the Chicago Bulls.  Well, I will tell you what happened.  Your analysis was garbage, including the clean sweep of ALL of your analysts picking the Bulls to win.  Of course, that gas bag Charles Barkley made it official by picking against the Heat for the third consecutive series, picking the Mavs to win the NBA Finals.  It’s a joke at this point and could not be more obvious.  Hater’s gonna Hate.

•  The name calling, the snide comments, the media collusion to keep scrutiny and ridicule upon this Heat team makes this all the more satisfying.  Call them whatever you want, but make sure you address them by their properly earned title.  EASTERN CONFERENCE CHAMPIONS.  Obnoxious Mark Cuban, and foreign born Dirk Nowitzki is the haters’ greatest hope now.  Sad but true.  It starts Tuesday, let’s get it on.


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