EC Finals, Game 3: Heat 96 – Bulls 85 (Heat 2-1)

•  The series is playing out like many predicted.  Two great defensive teams, the Bulls inability to score, and Derrick Rose being outnumbered.  The Heat have two superstars to cancel out Rose’s heroics (or lack thereof) and Chris Bosh can more than hold down his matchup with Carlos Boozer.  It looks like a pretty good harbinger of things to come that the Bulls can get a monster performance from Boozer, a controlled effort from Rose, and Luol Deng playing an overall good game, and it is still not enough.  Against the Heat defense, they cannot get everybody going.  They have to get a few, and that few is just not enough to defeat Miami on a night when the Heat does NOT get a complete effort from all.  You have to feel good about this series now.

•  Chris Bosh was spectacular.  He showed most of his offensive game, without dusting off his middle of the lane hooks.  34 points on 13-18 shooting and he didn’t show all of his chops?  Yep, he has a good matchup in this series.  His big game was perfect in the sense that it wasn’t “perfect”.  His 5 rebounds still leaves him something to look at, and work on for Game 4.  His movement on the court in the Heat’s offensive sets really put the Bulls defense in a bind.  Chicago made a concerted effort to try to keep LeBron James and Dwyane Wade out of the paint, and that left them with one man on Bosh.  It was a rather funny sequence to see Taj Gibson trash talking Bosh as Bosh then left him planted, looking like a fool and fouling on a spin move that brought back memories of Hakeem Olajuwon.  Bosh then was seen to visibly dismiss Gibson verbally with a “get the fuck outta here” and wave of the hand.  Seriously, Taj, shut up.  You were embarrassed.

•  Joakim Noah was a non-factor, and it had a lot to do with what the Heat did on this night.  The physicality the Heat can bring coupled with their athleticism can sometimes be too much to handle.  Noah was seen uttering a homophobic slur to a fan that was heckling him early in the game.  Kobe Bryant earned a $100k fine for that earlier this year, so does Noah get an equal fine?  We shall see.  Omer Asik hurting his ankle/leg with what is being called a “sprain” could be big and be the final nail in the coffin of the Bulls’ last remaining advantage in this series.  That being a steady stream of bigs that can defend and rebound.  On this night the Heat were out-rebounded 41-32 but their superior offensive execution was enough to be the difference.

•  Udonis Haslem was good again, with some timely shot making, including the dagger late in the 4th.  Joel Anthony was challenging everything, and had a monster 4 blocks in the 1st quarter to set the tone.  Mike Bibby‘s two threes in the 3rd were huge, and the biggest shots of his short Heat career.  Mike Miller had goose eggs across, but his on the ball defense was pretty good.  Coach Erik Spoelstra seemed to settle on a 8-man rotation on this night, but in my opinion he needs to add James Jones to gain some three-point shooting.

•  LeBron James showed once again that he is the best point guard in basketball.  What?  Yeah, he is that and the best at everything else too.  Dwyane Wade’s pretty poor offensive performance can only breed confidence, as he does not duplicate such efforts two games in a row, much less at home.  I expect a big game from D-Wade in Game 4, in what will be an important series controlling game for the Heat.  There is plenty to work on for the Heat, so that is good that they don’t sit back and admire their work.  Good win, and it is time to move on.  Time to control this series.

•  On a closing note, was Charles Barkley really upset at the “Barkley Sucks” chants?  What did he expect?  He definitely deserved it.


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UptownReport RT @MiamiHated: #MiamiHeat @UptownReport: Bosh leads the way with 34 as Heat take 2-1 lead over Bulls.
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MiamiHated #MiamiHeat @UptownReport: Bosh leads the way with 34 as Heat take 2-1 lead over Bulls.
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  1. Barkley got upset when someone threw and hit him with a towel while he was talking on camera.

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