Round 2, Game 2: Heat 102 – Celtics 91 (Heat 2-0)

•  A very interesting game all around.  Interesting in how the Heat defended Boston.  Interesting on the overreaction by Boston to the second option offense the Heat employs.  Interesting that Doc Rivers was made a fool, call for call for most of the game.  Rivers seemed to seriously overreact to the Heat’s hot 3-point shooting in Game 1, and stayed home to a fault to deny drive and kick opportunities.  That of course opened up the Heat’s pick and roll offense.  Boston really never recovered.  Even though the game was close for most of it.

Boston GM Danny Ainge watches the Heat close out the Celtics in Game 2.

•  Boston made a concerted effort to attack Chris Bosh by running elaborate screens to set up one on one situations with Kevin Garnett at the post.  Bosh thoroughly outplayed Garnett.  Made Doc Rivers look rather foolish.  It helped that Joel Anthony (THE WARDEN) took some responsibility to guard KG for a while.  Boston then proceeded to use Glen Davis and Jermaine O’Neal to isolate wing post opportunities on Anthony as well.  WHY?  Well, that is what Eric Spoelstra forced upon Doc Rivers with his selective trapping and double teams.  It was BRILLIANT coaching.

•  I am not a big believer in coaching making a big difference.  Tonight was an exception.  Doc Rivers was thoroughly dismantled and undressed by Eric Spoelstra tonight.  I bet Coach Spo was feelin’ it too.  Good for him.  Spoelstra forced upon Rivers’ motion offense a set of options I am sure Doc did not want.  By doubling early and knowing that Boston would go to secondary offense quickly.  The Heat’s quick rotations forced Boston into a half a dozen post opportunities for Jermaine O’Neal.  You just gotta laugh at those that complained about Spoelstra all year.

•  Rajon Rondo was spectacular tonight.  By the Heat’s design.  The Heat forced Rondo to attack by overplaying the passing lanes and sagging directly below the free throw line.  It is what everybody uses to try to contain Rondo, but in this case it worked perfectly.  Yes, Rondo had 20 points and 12 assists.  But he shot 7-for-16.  If you force Rondo into his offense for 16 shots, then you are getting away with pushing Boston toward being one-dimensional as a drive and kick team.  When Rondo is looking for offense, Garnett, Pierce and Allen ARE NOT.  Victory.

•  The Heat’s point guards were thoroughly outplayed tonight, but at 80-80 and 6:47 left, Mario Chalmers came up with the shot of the series.  A 24- foot three pointer put the Heat up 83-80 and the Heat just extended the lead from there and stifled the Celtics the rest of the way.  A 14-0 Heat run and that was it.  So the Celtics got the game they wanted from Rondo, and it wasn’t enough because they were thoroughly outplayed everywhere else.  The Celtics got contributions from Jeff Green and Delonte West off the bench, but that was a side note to what the Heat’s Big Three did.  The Heat’s Big Three= 80 points.  Pierce, Garnett, Allen = 36 points.

•  Much was made by so called “analysts” that Miami’s Big Three could not get 70 plus points versus the Celtics because they would “take one away”.  Well, the Heat got 80, and like much else, these analysts look foolish and exposed to their biases.  LeBron James on this night was at his best and did whatever he wanted.  It was rather interesting that the Celtics started to “find” injuries all over the court to Allen, Pierce, and Rondo.  Like the cornerback (Darrelle Revis) that grabs at his hamstring when beaten on a bomb, the Celtics looked wounded, defeated and more importantly….OLD.

•  A long wait till Saturday awaits the Heat to try to put a stranglehold on this series.  The Heat already got a vintage LeBron James performance, but a road explosion is imminent.  Why not on Saturday to take control of this thing?  The Celtics look overmatched, but some healthy home cooking and good play can find them back in this thing.  The suspicion I have is that the Miami Heat’s “BEST” game can’t be defeated by ANY circumstances, and that a focused executioner is on its way to Boston.


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MiamiHated #MiamiHeat @UptownReport Heat take 2-0 lead, Celtics search for excuses.
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UptownReport RT @MiamiHated: Heat take 2-0 lead, Celtics search for excuses. #MiamiHeat
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