Round 2, Game 1: Heat 99 – Celtics 90 (Heat 1-0)

•  The all important Game 1 is in the books, and the Heat win impressively.  A Dwyane Wade explosion and a steady contribution from the Heat bench, mainly from James Jones, outpaced the Celtics, controlling the game from the very start.  The Heat’s stifling defense was stellar for most of the game, and the attention to detail was promising, even though there were some lapses.  It wouldn’t be the Heat if they didn’t coast.

•  James Jones has been a pretty “clutch” performer for this team in the past. And he now has a Miami Heat record 25 points off the bench in a playoff game while taking 7 shots!  Efficient.  LeBron James was a steady performer and did a lot on the defensive end that went unnoticed.  James also had two run-stopping buckets to bump a 7-point lead back up to 11 in the 3rd quarter, causing Doc Rivers to call timeout.

•  Chris Bosh had a hard time shaking Kevin Garnett, but oddly enough outperformed him in the boxscore.  12 rebounds for Chris Bosh while playing stellar team defense was an important contribution.  Dwyane Wade had a terrible 4 games versus Boston in the regular season, then explodes for 38 in Game 1 of the second round.  It’s the playoffs.  If there is a guy you can trust to play big come playoff time in a Heat uniform it is D-Wade.  The Celtics really cannot guard Wade one on one, so they rely on their team concept to try to force Wade wider on his drives, and occasionally trap him high.  None of that mattered on this day.

•  Mike Bibby did not have a very good impact on the boxscore, but he sure did alot of the little things that lead to wins.  Mainly, he was a competent defender on Rajon Rondo and did not allow him to get his game going, although Rondo made a concerted effort to attack Bibby in the first quarter.  Instead, Rondo found himself in foul trouble on the other end and non-effective in this game.  Glen Davis‘ comments about the Celtics bench being better than the Heat’s bench sure came back to haunt him.  He was Boston’s worst player on this day with a paltry -21 in +/-.

•  Much is being made of the Paul Pierce ejection, and rightly so.  It looked like a very quick trigger for Ed Malloy, but consider this:  You already had an altercation where Pierce softly head butted James Jones and tried to instigate a fight.  He then does the exact same thing moments later, right in front of the referee.  Not so hard to see why he got tossed if you just think about it and are not wearing clover covered boxer shorts while admiring your Larry Bird blow up doll.

•  Game 2 is on the way, and you have to expect an improved Celtic team, but I also expect the Heat to be better in this game coming up.  There is plenty to clean up after this effort, namely on the offensive end, but special attention should be paid to analyze why the Celtics shot 50% from three while scoring 12 of them.  It is pretty hard to win games allowing that one little stat nugget.  Yet The Heat still managed to do so, rather comfortably.



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UptownReport RT @MiamiHated: #MiamiHeat @UptownReport Heat Take Game 1, Paul Pierce loses cool.
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MiamiHated #MiamiHeat @UptownReport Heat Take Game 1, Paul Pierce loses cool.
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UptownReport RT @MiamiHated: Heat Take Game 1, Paul Pierce loses cool. #MiamiHeat
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