Monthly Archives: May 2011

EC Finals, Game 5: Heat 83 – Bulls 80 (HEAT WIN 4-1)

•  I will only devote one bullet point to this particular game.   What a game it was.  The Chicago Bulls were 53-0 this season when holding a double-digit lead in the 4th quarter.  Well, I guess they finished 53-1.  The Bulls fans sure talked a lot of smack based on a bunch of phony awardsContinue Reading

EC Finals, Game 4: Heat 101 – Bulls 93 OT (Heat 3-1)

•  LeBron James is the best point guard in the world, and at times is the best power forward in the NBA. And in this postseason has become a closer in every sense of the word.  Basketball is a sport where team hardware matters in individual evaluation.  In all humility as a Heat fan, IContinue Reading

EC Finals, Game 3: Heat 96 – Bulls 85 (Heat 2-1)

•  The series is playing out like many predicted.  Two great defensive teams, the Bulls inability to score, and Derrick Rose being outnumbered.  The Heat have two superstars to cancel out Rose’s heroics (or lack thereof) and Chris Bosh can more than hold down his matchup with Carlos Boozer.  It looks like a pretty goodContinue Reading