Round 1, Game 5: Heat 97 – 76ers 91 (Heat WIN 4-1)

•  Much needs to be said about this game.  First of all, the starting unit has run its course if their latest foray is any indication.  What is maddening is that the starting unit’s troubles have little to do with Zydrunas Ilgauskas and Mike Bibby.  It has everything to do with the utter lack of aggressiveness from the big three in that lineup.  The ball movement also lacks, and Dwyane Wade‘s utter look of disinterest can’t help.

•  So Mario Chalmers checks in along with Joel Anthony, and the fortunes change immediately.  Chalmers was spectacular on this night, and it was to be expected.  RIO has been a big time performer in the clutch before.  From his days at Kansas, to last year’s Celtics series, to this year’s close out Game 5, Chalmers has come up big.  He plays pesky, if not lock down defense and has a knack for the big shot that cannot be taught.

•  Interesting chess match took place in the 4th quarter.  Doug Collins took Lou Williams out with 7:48 left in the game, to bring in Jrue Holiday at a point where he usually would come in with both point guards to close.  That move forced Eric Spoelstra to either come back with Mario Chalmers to possibly matchup on switches with Andre Igoudala, or just ride with a closing unit lacking a point guard.  Spoelstra decided to keep his defensive disposition, and ride with his most effective defensive lineup.

•  It was a weird game in many respects.  One of which was the curious lack of home court gimme calls.  The Heat fell victim to terrible officiating from notorious Heat killers, Steve Javie and Tony Brothers.  Javie was notorious from his outright “wacky” record in officiating Pat Riley‘s Knicks, and Heat teams to a 4-16 record during a 4-year stretch, while Riley took both teams to above .600 records.   Curious?  NO. Crooked.  Brothers is infamous for his concerted effort to hurt the Heat in the free throw department by keeping games “close” and his obvious terrible effort in a Bulls-Heat game late in the year, where he “found” 4 consecutive free throws to beat the Heat at home.

•  Doug Collins‘ incessant complaining certainly lead to favorable officiating for the balance of the series since Game 2.  It is shameful that one former color commentator had that much power.  The Heat attacked relentlessly in the paint and got no benefit for their effort.  A shameful event really, when you compare it to the favorable whistles the Lakers, Bulls and Celtics got in important swing/close out games.  SHAMEFUL.  Where the Heat not at home?

•  Mission accomplished, for those that wanted a test and push in the first round to battle test this Heat squad.  The truth is that at this stage, the 76ers play better defense, due to their athleticism as compared to second round opponent, the Boston Celtics.  Set in stone is the marquee matchup of the playoffs.  Heat vs. Celtics, Game 1, on Sunday at 3:30 PM.  The Heat might have faced a team in the Sixers that is much more capable of playing defense at a high level, while competing on the athletic end.  The Celtics could easily be overmatched in this one due to athleticism.  Game 1 should be a runaway for the Miami Heat.  A 7-day layoff for veteran/ old teams are not a good thing.


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UptownReport RT @MiamiHated: #MiamiHeat @UptownReport RT Heat close out Sixers, despite Brothers/Javie attack.
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MiamiHated #MiamiHeat @UptownReport RT Heat close out Sixers, despite Brothers/Javie attack.
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UptownReport RT @MiamiHated: Heat close out Sixers, despite Brothers/Javie attack. #MiamiHeat
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