Monthly Archives: April 2011

Round 1, Game 5: Heat 97 – 76ers 91 (Heat WIN 4-1)

•  Much needs to be said about this game.  First of all, the starting unit has run its course if their latest foray is any indication.  What is maddening is that the starting unit’s troubles have little to do with Zydrunas Ilgauskas and Mike Bibby.  It has everything to do with the utter lack ofContinue Reading

Round 1, Game 4: 76ers 86 – Heat 82 (Heat 3-1)

•  Another slow start, this time the Sixers managed to use it to make the difference on the scoreboard.  The Heat erased a 15-point deficit in the matter of 5 minutes, what did it was pretty clear.  Simple defensive intensity, crispness and execution in the offense vaulted Miami into the lead.  They just played toContinue Reading

Round 1, Game 3: Heat 100 – 76ers 94 (Heat 3-0)

•  This is the playoffs, teams do not go away.  The first quarter was a red flag (again), but I counted only 3 defensive breakdowns, which lead to 6 points. So the issue in the first quarter was the Sixers making shots and the Heat being inefficient on the offensive end.  The game was decidedContinue Reading