Monthly Archives: March 2011

Miami Heat 123 – Washington Wizards 107

Confidence Meter 6.4 (Smile on face) •  Seeing as newly minted Heat Killer Nick Young was out, I guess you could breath easy that no obscure shooting guard would light up the Heat on this night.  Well, Jordan Crawford — the most popular wise guy NBA draft pick from last year — did just that. Continue Reading

Cleveland Cavaliers 102 – Miami Heat 90

Confidence Meter 5.5 (Indifferent) •  A terrible effort throughout, till they found themselves down 23 and decided to actually play basketball.  An erased lead and a 83-83 tie left them with little gas to finish.  Mike Bibby was fantastic, but he formed a Big Two with Lebron James as Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh wereContinue Reading

Miami Heat 125 – Houston Rockets 119

Confidence Meter 8.8 (Combustible) •  So the Miami Heat have the Big Three all go for 30-plus points and double-digit rebounds.  The last time that feat was accomplished in regulation play was in 1961 by Oscar Robertson, Wayne Embry, and Jack Twyman for the Cincinnati Royals.  That is 50 years ago folks.  This “Big Three”Continue Reading