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Around the League and the Miami Heat

TRADE DEADLINE EDITION • So the Carmelo Anthony deal is consummated, and you have to think that the New York Knicks won, and won big on the deal. As a rule of thumb, whoever lands the best player in a NBA trade, is the winner of the trade. The game of chicken played by Denver toContinue Reading

Calm the *bleep* down

You can still hear the teeth gnashing and moans of despair from what transpired at TD Garden on Sunday versus the Boston Celtics. What transpired was a combination of terrible shooting, bad decision making, and poor passing at times with a sprinkle of terrible officiating. These things happen. In a game on the road versusContinue Reading

Around the NBA and the Miami Heat

● As I write this, James Jones is shooting 43% from three and has made 93 of them. Yet, he was lobbied for by the Miami Heat coaching staff for inclusion into the 3-point contest. Just an oversight I am sure, but considering that over 30 guys get nominated by their teams every year, just making theContinue Reading