2010-11 NBA Player Power Rankings.

This is the 2010-2011 NBA Season player Power Rankings.  In a Top 50 format, I took into account a combination of hard statistics, visual evidence, overall talent in different areas of their games and weighted it with some of John Hollinger’s (ESPN) metrics for player evaluation to come up with a power ranking for all the players in the NBA.  I also took into account their team’s success this season.

1. Lebron James (MIA)….Already taken leadership role from #3. DPOY candidate.
2. Kobe Bryant (LAL)….The most complete player in the league.
3. Dwyane Wade (MIA)….Designated scorer role has hurt facilitator numbers.
4. Dwight Howard (ORL)….Owns the paint defensively, new found offensive game impressive.
5. Kevin Durant (OKC)….Best scorer in the game, sky is the limit.
6. Dirk Nowitzki (DAL)….New Age Larry Bird, best shooting Big of all-time?
7. Deron Williams (UTA)….Catalyst for Utah Pick and roll offense.
8. Chris Paul (NO)….Scorer/Distributor/Leader, 1A as best PG in NBA.
9. Derrick Rose (CHI)….More scorer than distributor, possesses best first step in basketball.
10. Amare Stoudemire (NYC)….Asked to carry a up-tempo offense, has responded.
11. Chris Bosh (MIA)….The Steadiest of the “Big Three”, underrated Defender.
12. Pau Gasol (LAL)….The defending champion’s anchor, and the NBA’s 2nd best defensive rebounder.
13. Paul Pierce (BOS)….Celtics steady goto guy..you know that wing Iso is coming. Can’t stop it.
14. Kevin Garnett (BOS)….The NBA’s best Defensive captain / signal caller.
15. Blake Griffin (LAC)….A Jump shot away from being the 2nd best Big in the game.
16. Rajon Rondo (BOS)….His speed prevents teams from trapping him, his passing carves them up.
17. Carmelo Anthony (DEN)…Most complete scorer in the game, distracted by trade talk.
18. Steve Nash (PHO)….Still the craftiest passer in the game with consistent jumper.
19. Tony Parker (SAS)….Floor General of NBA’s wins leader.
20. Rudy Gay (MEM)….Underrated as a defender, coming into his own as a scorer.
21. LaMarcus Aldridge (POR)….Elbow game un-guardable, beast on the boards at times.
22. Kevin Love (MIN)….Best rebounder in the NBA, lacking efficiency in his offensive game.
23. Joe Johnson (ATL)….Mismatch for most guards due to his length, solid scorer.
24. Russell Westbrook (OKC)….Speedy guard / floor general and a underrated on the ball defender.
25. Carlos Boozer (CHI)….The #4 in one of the best 1-4 pick and roll games in the league.
26. Manu Ginobli (SAS)….Clutch goto guy on the NBA’s western conference leader.
27. Danny Granger (IND)….Shooter / scorer, with the best streaky long range game in NBA.
28. Gerald Wallace (CHA)….Complete player, and possibly the best wing defender in NBA.
29. Brandon Roy (POR)….Injuries have delayed Roy’s entry into super stardom.
30. Tim Duncan (SAS)….Faltering and fading, but still an effective anchor for the Spurs.
31. Chauncey Billups (DEN)….Aged, but still a consistent shooter and defender.
32. Steven Jackson (CHA)….”Captain Jack” Big game player waiting for big games to play in.
33. Al Jefferson (UTA)….A consistent cog in the middle for Utah, consistent post presence.
34. Andrew Bogut (MIL)….The second best Center in the east, underrated defender of the post.
35. David West (NO)….Perfect compliment to #8 on the list. Has improved his defense.
36. Monta Ellis (GSW)….Looter in a riot? No. A great volume shooter/scorer.
37. Luis Scola (HOU)….Consistent offensive focus for one of the NBA’s scrappiest teams.
38. Tayshaun Prince (DET)….Complete complimentary player languishing in a bad situation.
39. Zach Randolph (MEM)….A great post player, and streak rebounder. In spurts, can be a top 10 player.
40. Paul Millsap (UTA)….The Jazz have not missed Boozer, since finding Millsap’s complete game.
41. Ray Allen (BOS)….The NBA’s best shooter, and most difficult cover coming off screens.
42. Josh Smith (ATL)….On the short list of most athletic players in the NBA.
43. Al Horford (ATL)….Power Forward forced to play long minutes at center has hurt his numbers.
44. Stephen Curry (GSW)….Already a deadly shooter, passing could make him NBA’s best PG in time.
45. Jameer Nelson (ORL)….Running 1-5 Pick and Rolls and knocking down shots on a consistent basis.
46. Tyson Chandler (DAL)….NBA’s second best defensive Big. Mavs second best player.
47. Joakim Noah (CHI)….Limited offensively, but very active on the boards and challenging shots.
48. Tyreke Evans (SAC)….One of the NBA’s better young players, injuries have caused a slight setback.
49. Raymond Felton (NYC)….Has fit into D’Antoni’s system like a glove.
50. Andre Iguodala (PHI)….Underrated defender, great in transition with a fading offensive game.


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