Monthly Archives: January 2011

Around the League and the Miami Heat

• Chris Bosh’s injury is worse than originally thought. They are now using the dreaded “High Ankle Sprain” moniker to describe it. In all, he will end up missing around 3 weeks total, which puts him in line with what is usually expected with a High Ankle Sprain injury. With the Miami Heat “no practice,Continue Reading

2010-11 NBA Player Power Rankings.

This is the 2010-2011 NBA Season player Power Rankings.  In a Top 50 format, I took into account a combination of hard statistics, visual evidence, overall talent in different areas of their games and weighted it with some of John Hollinger’s (ESPN) metrics for player evaluation to come up with a power ranking for allContinue Reading

Quick Hits: Covering the Heat and the NBA

• This Melo deal as it is being reported is a total disaster. If you believe Chris Broussard (ESPN), the Nuggets are holding out for New Jersey to take Al Harrington’s albatross of a contract off their hands. He called it a “holdup”. I call it a deal breaker as it completely handcuffs the NetsContinue Reading