Monthly Archives: December 2010

The Haters Club

A phenomenon that has occurred with this convergence of talent on the Miami Heat is the collection of so called “haters” that have staked a claim on the NBA media landscape. Instead of trying to explain “why” the NBA media at large has taken to running to the streets with tales of doom for thisContinue Reading

Merry Christmas, Kobe Bryant.

We all Know there is a certain Basketball game scheduled for Christmas Day this year, at 5 pm Eastern on ABC at Staples Center, in Los Angeles versus the defending World Champion Lakers. We all know the stakes the National media is trying to instill for this regular season NBA game. We all know howContinue Reading

Quarter Pole Evaluation, Best offseason additions?

Putting aside the obvious answer which is Lebron James and Chris Bosh, alot of teams helped themselves mightily this offseason. The thinking behind some of the acquisitions was flawed, and the evaluation of some of the signings misguided. We will attempt to use this column to explain the differences and some of the myths thatContinue Reading